C@T 5: Late Love you – card

FullSizeRenderHey all,

Thank God we don’t do valentine in our family!

We all have been sick the last couple of weeks.
I’m not sure what is wrong with me, But sinds about 3 months now I have been losing weight. I have lost 20 kg. now without any diet!
At first I thought: “Great!”, but now I start to worry. Even more now I have been feeling sick for the last couple of weeks. Every time I start to feel better something else comes up….
Anyway, not only me, but the rest of the family have been down with the flue as well.

So that is why I have been away far to long.
Hope now everybody starts to feel better I can keep this blog up again.

The cards I have made this week could be a valentines card, but it can be one you give to someone just to say thanks and how much you love them.
They are very clean and simple cards again, just the way I like them.

FullSizeRender kopie 2 FullSizeRender kopie

Here you can see how I made them.

I hope you like them.

See you all again soon,

Byebye, Stefanie


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